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Recent Articles

De-Noising and Contrast Enhancement Using Bilateral Filter and Adaptive Histogram Equalization

Introduction A digital device as a consumer digital camera often suffers from varying light conditions because of its narrower dynamic range. The captured image could contain underexposed and overexposed regions. And the image has low local contrast in both underexposed and overexposed areas. Therefore an enhancement algorithm which enhances the image’s visual quality. This paper discusses the issue of illumination …

K. S. Madhu Mauthe, G. Maria Rafols and K.Srilatha

Bayes Estimators of Reliability Function of Exponential Distribution Under Different Prior Distributions

Introduction In the theory of reliability and life testing analysis the exponential distribution has a great importance. The main features of the utility of the distribution are its positive ranges its property of forgetfulness and the graphic shape of the distribution. It has a mirror shape J when plotted on the range of random variable x , at Χ-axis with respect …

Dev Singh1 and J. S. Chaudhary2

On Commutativity of *−Prime Rings With Generalized (Α, Β)−Derivations

Introduction In the last four decades, several authors discussed the commutativity of the prime rings and the semiprime rings that admitting automorphisms, derivations or generalized derivations that are centralizing or commuting on an appropriate subset of R (see [1], [2], [3], [4], [8] and [10]). Related concepts such as σ -prime rings and Lie structure of prime rings with generalized …

K. Abu Nawas  

Complex Decision Making by Complex Decision Making by use of Ahp: Case Studies Based on Kakda Rolling Mills Use of Ahp: Case Studies Based on Kakda Rolling Mills

Introduction The analytic hierarchy process (ahp) is a structured technique to help people in deal with complex decisions rather than prescribing a “correct” decision. the ahp helps people to determine one from many. based on mathematic and human psychology, it was developed by thomas l. saaty in the 1970s and has been extensively studied and refined since then. the ahp …

Shaikh Mohd. Javed 1, G. L. Gupta2 and  Ankit Goel1  

Numerical Simulation for Visualising Effect of Surface Roughness on Flow in Simple Pipe

Introduction Earlier there were only experimental techniques available to predict the performance of turbo machinery and calculating the losses in flowing fluid even in pipes. The experiments were done on models. But observation of behaviour of flow was very difficult to observe and studying local parameters was very difficult [5]. With the advances in the field of computational mathematics and …

Abhishek Sharma1, Vishal Gupta2*, Abhishek Kumar Jain2 and Sudeep Kumar Singh3