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Recent Articles

Evaluation of the Accuracy of Flaw Detection Using Change of Mode Shape in Steel Frames

Introduction In the recent decades, the estimation and identification of structural and mechanical systems for monitoring the structure health has highly grown among the researchers of different engineering fields, especially the enthusiasts in civil engineering troubleshooting systems. This technology has reached its maturity in the field of aerospace engineering, so that, by observing technical and economical points, the existing measurement …

Ali Ghasemi Khademi1 and Amin Gholizad2

Biaxial Deformation of a Soft Tissue

Introduction Among the topics of study of biomechanics, the soft tissues are in a privileged position. The study of the skin plays a fundamental role in the development of new applications and medical interventions. This relationship is reciprocal, for advanced medical procedures more detailed studies are required that allows his correct characterization. Among the studies applied to the soft tissues, …

N. J Rodríguez-Hernández, R. Rodríguez-Ramos, J. Bravo-Castillero and R. Guinovart-Díaz

A Model for Butyl Acrylate Emulsion Polymerization

Introduction Emulsion polymerization is a unique chemical process widely used to produce waterborne resins with various colloidal and physiochemical properties used in various applications.  Because of the complex chemistry that occurs during an emulsion polymerization reaction, including particle formation kinetics and polymerization kinetics, quantitative understanding of the mechanism of emulsion polymerization has required extensive computer simulation. The goal of the …

Ambereen Aziz Niaze and Ashwini Sood*

Gasoline Blends : Vapour Pressure Effects

Introduction Government of India’s policy mandating 5% ethanol blending in petrol is currently being implemented in the country. An indicative target of 20 % ethanol blended petrol across the country has been set for the year 2017. The preparedness of the automobile industry is a major factor in the successful implementation of this policy, given the fact that petrol-run vehicles …

S. A. Iqbal1, R.K Sharma2* and Subrata Bhattacharjee3

Multi Agent-based Smart Home Electricity System Considering Electric Vehicle

Introduction These days, new visions have been discussed to deal with challenges due to increment of renewable energy sources. One of the most consensual solutions is known as Smart Grid (SG) [1]. In this scope, home can transact the generated energy locally [2]. Various researches have been presented for optimal scheduling of smart homes and SGs. In [3], a decision …

Amin Shokri Gazafroudi1* and Juan Manuel Corchado1,2